Term 3 2016 programme

Now available to view! Go to the Programme tab on the Menu bar. You can enrol from Wednesday 20 July.  To ensure a place it’s best to come in then; we start at 8.30am.  Or you can enrol directly online after 10am, or post in an enrolment form on the programme PDF.

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Who We Are

Glyde-In Community Learning Centre, 42 Glyde Street, East Fremantle, offers courses, talks and activities that we hope will enrich your enjoyment and knowledge, and foster a healthy community life.

We aim to be a source of learning that doesn't cost the earth, that doesn't need prior knowledge or qualifications, and doesn't ask for a huge commitment of your time. Our courses are non-competitive and informal. Tutors are from all walks of life, and we welcome more! The Centre is run by a volunteer Management Committee, and four part-time staff members. We generate much of our funding through membership and course fees, and are also supported greatly by the Town of East Fremantle, who provides our building and its maintenance, and very substantial funding.

Glyde-In gratefully acknowledges the support of staff and councillors of East Fremantle Council.

Concession eligibility

Age Pension card or DVA or Health Care Card (not National Seniors’ HCC).


Whats on this week

Speakers Unlimited

Animal photos - Tuesday 26 July, 10am
Wake up your brain - Tuesday 26 July, 2pm
Wake up your brain - Wednesday 27-July, 2pm
Our botanical extravagance - Friday 29 July

Out 'n About

Roleys on the Ridge - Friday 29 July, 11.30am

Not-So-Trivial Pursuits

Getting on with getting on - Thursday 28 July, 1.30pm
Yoga beginners - Friday 29 July, 4.30pm


German beginners Term 2 - Monday 25 July, 3pm
Spanish intermediate - Tuesday 26 July, 9am
French ongoing - Tuesday 26 July, 10am
Spanish beginners 5 - Tuesday 26 July, 10.30am
Spanish beginners Term 3 - Tuesday 26 July, 2pm
French intermediate - Wednesday 27 July, 9am
Italian ongoing - Wednesday 27 July, 10am
French term 6 - Wednesday 27 July, 11.30am
New: Italian beginners - Wednesday 27 July, 11.45am
German, ongoing - Wednesday 27 July, 1pm
French Beginners Term 3 - Wednesday 27 July, 2.30pm
French catch-up - Thursday 28 July 9am
New French beginners - Thursday 28 July 10.30am
French, More advanced - Thursday 28 July 1pm

Computer Courses

Computer help desk - Monday 25 July, 1pm
Safe travel with Macs - Tuesday 26 July, 1pm
Build your website - Wednesday 27 July, 9am
Windows 10 - Thursday 28 July, 10am or 1.30pm

By Hand

Keep on painting - Friday 29 July, 9am